Positively Deviant Leadership

  • How do we stand out in a crowded marketplace?
  • How do we provide extraordinary service and results?
  • How do we become an employer of choice in an era of high turnover?
  • We help you respond to these challenges.
  • By nurturing leaders who break the norm in terms of performance and at the same time are posiitve and humanistic.

Programme Outcomes

Strengthened ability to

  • apply greater self awareness to leadership role
  • catalyse a more positive and service-oriented work culture
  • build high quality relationships built on trust
  • grow and develop people using a strengths-based approach
  • use influential and emotionally-engaging communication
  • practise wise decision making that leads to sustainable outcomes
  • experience greater fulfilment in leadership role
  • become a more inspiring leader and human being committed to the greater good

What’s different about our leadership work?

  • We blend the scientific rigor of positive leadership with Robert Greenleaf’s powerful servant leadership philosophy. See the business case for both here.
  • We focus on personal, relationship and purpose mastery. Sometimes these take a back seat in a high-speed context. Yet these are precisely what make extraordinary leaders. And these are what we excel in.
Leading With Wisdom