Transformation excites me.

For around 25 years, I have been a catalyst for social/environmental change and been on a personal transformation journey. I bring this experience and passion to organisations now.

The best results I have achieved over the years have been an outcome of 1) my ability to make connections between people, ideas and resources 2) asking questions that matter 3) my love for learning and growth 4) my creativity 5) doing things that scare and stretch me 6) how much I care about people, the planet and animals.

I love building community, and gathering inspiring and wise people around food. Meaningful and authentic communication is the true luxury good for me.

I received my Master of Public Administration degree from Columbia University, New York City, and my Social Work and Sociology degree from the National University of Singapore. More on academics here.

Here are ten random things about me.

I love life. I love my Calling.