Joyful Service Profile: Taxi Driver, Olivia Chua

April 7th, 2016 By Vadivu Govind
Joyful Service Profile: Taxi Driver, Olivia Chua

"We need to love others as we love our family"

~ Olivia Chua, one of the most amazing and inspiring taxi drivers I have met in Singapore.

She gave me a warm and bright smile when I got into her cab - the kind of smile that lights you up. And for the next 30 minutes, I learned about her *consistent* love and kindness in many parts of her life. For example, when ferrying children, she will drop them at the safest place.

She said the taxi is a great place to do good and talk about good things. I often share about the difference between job (work to pay bills), career (work for advancement and status) and calling (use gifts in service of others) in my workshops. Olivia is testimony to the fact that you can have a calling orientation to almost any kind of work.

She said she is poor. But she could distinguish between financial riches and the kind of riches Love brings. She had this glow about her, and I could have sworn, so did her taxi.