Ten Random Things About Me

April 5th, 2016 By Vadivu Govind
Ten Random Things About Me

Ten Random Things About Me

1. I have reunited three lost dogs on three occasions. Walking without looking at my phone frees me up to be a busybody.

2. I photograph (unsanctioned) street art.:P

3. I finally broke my addiction to sugar last year. Woohoo!

4. I’m crazy about my niece. She’s my play-mate, friend and teacher.

5. I regularly remind myself I will die.  This has brought me gifts I could not have imagined.

6. My wallet and handbag are made of cork. It’s a sustainable wood as the tree doesn’t need to be cut down for the cork to be harvested.  The people who made the products – I am told – were treated with dignity. I love that what I use to carry my money with supports a conscious business.

7. I love being transported into another world for 90 minutes so when I return to my world, I live it better. Here are some movies I love

8. I collect saga seeds. They are red, shiny seeds from an uncommon tree in Singapore. I give them away at some of my workshops – to represent hope… love… great things to come.

9. I also collect picture books which feed the soul.

10. Friends are my best collectibles though...true friends whom I can grow, play and serve with.