Building Extra-Ordinary Communities

If you want to get the work done, assemble teams. They focus on tasks. If you want to get extraordinary results and retain your best people, build communities. They focus on relationships, growth and purpose.

We support the transformation of ordinary teams into extraordinary communities.

The real technology that is needed in the workplace urgently today is superior human functioning. And if we want that, we need to know what makes a human being tick.

We build cohesive, purpose-driven and emotionally energised organisations because we see employees as human beings first.

Programme Outcomes

Strengthened ability to

  • get tasks done more smoothly
  • produce higher quality outcomes
  • enjoy more synergistic collaborations
  • innovate to meet real and emerging needs
  • offer service from the heart
  • experience stronger loyalty to the organisation

What also results is a wider community that flourishes as a result of more positive and compassionate employees who can relate better with their family and other lives they touch.

What's different about our work?

  • We are relationship specialists. We focus on how people relate to themselves, each other and their work
    • We break down walls between people. We create space for positive relationships built on authenticity, empathy and appreciation
    • We invite people to look at their strengths and growth areas more closely, and take action
    • We get people re-imagining the meaning of work. Is it just to get a paycheck? How do they want to spend most of their waking hours?
  • We are positive emotions specialists. We are influenced by positive psychology
  • We are influenced by positive organisational scholarship which promotes validated, empirically-derived positive practices in the workplace. What represents the best of the human condition? That is the emphasis here

See the Business Case for Positive Emotions at Work.


  • Strengths-based Collaboration and Teams
  • Self Awareness for High Performance
  • Positive Relationships for Positive Results
  • Science of Happiness at WorkTM (by iOpener Institute of People and Performance)
  • Adversity, Change and Disruptions: Resilience for Adaptable and Nimble Teams

  • Emotional Intelligence at Work

Also see our Communications Workshops. All workshops are customised according to your needs.

Building Extra Ordinary Communities