Communicating for Breakthroughs

  • Talk is not cheap.
  • Words have the power to harm and constrict.
  • Or connect, heal, influence, transform and liberate.

Workplace communication can be flat, faceless, lifeless and even harmful. And it is often transactional instead of transformational.

Yet communication is the life-blood of an organisation.

We put the LIFE back into communication. And communication back into life.

Our Communications workshops help people break through the frustrations of ineffective communications in today’s high-stress and information-intensive environments. They empower people to engage in authentic, emotionally resonant and uplifting communications for powerful, forward-moving results.

Programme Outcomes

Strengthened ability to

  • build trust and influence others more effectively
  • prevent unnecessary conflict
  • deal with conflicts with greater ease
  • have honest conversations that enable people to deal squarely with what matters most
  • build more positive, growth-oriented relationships at work


  • 5 Languages of Appreciation at Work
  • Giving Feedback that Grows People
  • Deep Listening
  • Healing and Transforming Conflicts

What’s different about our work?

  • We transform mindsets and get people re-imagining the purpose of communication. Is communication just to convey information? What bigger possibilities are there?
  • We focus on an under-rated yet extremely important aspect of communication – listening.
  • We remind people that at the receiving end of their communication is a human being with emotions and needs. Ignoring this can cost the organisation heavily
  • We strengthen people’s communication skills so they generate a positive and peaceful environment for themselves. Conflict can be costly.
  • However when conflict is here, it can be transformational. We give people skills to harness conflicts so relationships are built up instead of broken down

Communicating for Breakthroughs