Drake P3 Personality Assessment

An award-winning work-focused personality instrument

What is the Drake P3?

Gold Winner of the Human Resource Asia Recruitment Awards 2016, Drake P3 is a proven personality assessment tool. It stands out from various personality instruments because it compares the employee’s natural state with how he is at work.

Over 14,000 calculations are used to create the report. The assessment is sensitive to “response distortions” with built-in measures. It has been used by over 10’s of thousands of managers since 1983. It is supported by expert consultants, trainers, industrial psychologists, and legal counsel.

It can be used to

  • Create a job profile so you hire candidates with a great fit for the job
  • Maximise team effectiveness
  • Build communication and cooperation
  • Provide a basis for leadership to see how the staff profiles line up with the culture they want to build

It assists you in achieving your business goals by enabling you to:

  • Improve quality of hires and reduce time spent on selection process
  • Reduce turnover and lower employee acquisition costs
  • Increase productivity  through effective communication and team work
  • Develop a motivated and engaged workforce through directed training
  • Deliver effective performance appraisals, coaching, and 360-degree feedback
  • Reduce conflict amongst team members
  • Create succession planning support through identifying strengths and weaknesses of current staff as it relates to position related core competencies

How does it work?

The survey (available both online and in print) takes 15 minutes. It tells you how you rate on dominance, patience, conformity and extroversion and how these scores interact with each other. It also looks as your leadership style, emotional intelligence, stress and energy levels, proactivity and learning styles.

What do you get?

  • There are a range of reports to fit your needs, including individual, team and 360 reports. Please enquire for more information.
  • Coaching and workshops to enable leaders/staff to understand and apply their insights from the reports.
Drake P3