Programme Tools

When employees flourish,
organisations do too.

We have four main programme areas.

Leading with Wisdom - We enable visionary leaders who get results using wise, respectful and empathetic approaches.

Building Extraordinary Communities - We help build a more positive and engaged work culture by transforming teams into thriving communities.

Communicating for Breakthroughs - Appreciative, authentic, courageous conversations strengthen relationships and get things done more effectively.

The Inspiring Educator - The inner life of the teacher affects her students in powerful ways. We help teachers nurture this inner life.


Joy Works administers a range of world-leading diagnostic tools that provide deep, multi-dimensional insights for individuals and teams. With the data gathered from these tools, Joy Works partners organisations to better activate workplace transformations.

Often after tools are used to gather information, people wonder “So what?” We offer follow-up coaching, consultation or workshops so that data can be transformed into meaningful action that brings results.

What are your employees' strengths and weaknesses? The R2 Strengths Profiler reveals this.

In what ways are your employees happy at work? And which are areas of improvement? The iOpener People and Performance Questionnaire tells you this.

How do your employees prefer to be appreciated? The Motivating by Appreciation Inventory gives you such personalised information.

What is your employee's unique personality? Drake P3 tells you this and more. It is an award-winning work-focused personality instrument.

Besides these, we may introduce other assessments where needed.