The Inspiring Educator

"Good teaching cannot be reduced to technique. Good teaching comes from the identity and integrity of the teacher...We teach who we are." – Parker Palmer

Teachers matter. A lot. Other than parents, they are the main adult figures in the lives of young people. They are key influencers of character education.

Teachers also

  • face high pressure to deliver academic results
  • deal with stressed students who may show signs of emotional difficulties
  • handle student behaviour challenges
  • need to communicate with busy parents of students
  • juggle other administrative work and Co-Curricular Activities

It isn’t an easy path. And it can be easy to fall out of. Or after a while, teachers may lose heart. If we want teachers to stay inspired and inspiring on the path, we need to nurture their inner lives.

Vision of Programme

The vision of The Inspiring Educator programme is to nurture educators with great love for growing, teaching, serving; for self and others; and for Life.

We invite educators to reimagine the purpose of education. We believe that the purpose of education is to help people flourish. A sound education can prevent many social problems and reduce great suffering.

Programme Outcomes

  • Enlivened classrooms where teaching and learning comes from the heart
  • Strong and positive relationships with students, their parents and other stakeholders
  • Deeper sense of joy and meaning in teaching
  • Enhanced ability to mentor learners equipped for 21st Century challenges

What’s different about our work with teachers?

We are influenced by

  • Positive education - the application of positive psychology in the classroom. It has been shown to help students flourish and achieve better results. And it starts with the teachers being examples.
  • Science of Happiness at Work - a robust research-based approach to enabling happiness at work
  • Leadership approaches such as positive leadership, secure base leadership and servant leadership which are well suited to nurture 21st century competencies in everyone in the educational institution.


We also work directly with students (15 and above) on social and emotional intelligence related work, life skills for a meaningful and fulfilling life, diversity as well as personal mastery.

Joyful Teacher